Formalism and filing principles

Société à responsabilité limitée simplifiée

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Brochure relating to the Simplified limited liability company (SARL-S)
Model of a declaration of honour - contribution in cash
Model of a declaration of honour - contribution in kind


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Brochure relating to Merchants

Trading name principles

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Trading name principles

Filing and publication principles

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Guidelines on submission and publication
Header templates

Corrective filing procedure

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Procédure de dépôts rectificatifs

Accounting documents

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Filing of financial data with the RCS and publication of the RESA annual accounts
Formalités de dépôt pour les documents comptables
Accounting documents (Mutual insurance companies)
Accounting Documents (Public companies limited by shares, Simplified joint stock companies, Private limited companies, Simplified Private Limited Liability Companies, Corporate partnerships limited by shares-European Companies)
Accounting documents (Cooperative societies, Cooperative societies organized as a public limited company)
Accounting documents (Closed-end and open-end investment trusts, European closed-end and open-end investment trusts)
Accounting documents (Limited corporate partnerships, General corporate partnerships)
Accounting documents (Luxembourg branch governed by foreign law)
Accounting documents (Economic interest groupings, European interest groupings and their branches)
Accounting documents (Sole traders, Luxembourg-based branches of foreign sole traders)
Accounting documents (Farming associations)
Accounting documents (Savings pension plans)