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    Which datas have to be filed with the RCS ?

    My procedures

    All ASBLs are legally required to file various documents during their life:

    • The requisition form (registration, amendment, deletion)
    • The deed of incorporation
    • The complete deed of amendment in the event of modification
    • The annual accounts

    These filings are electronic.

    To access the online filing formalities, I must authenticate myself on the website using a product issued by Luxtrust S.A. (or a Luxembourg eID card, or even an eIDAS electronic certificate).

    LBR provides a helpdesk on its premises (additional charge of 20 euros): I can make an appointment by contacting the helpdesk on 26 42 81.

    New 2023 law !

    Click here to access the presentation given by LBR during the webinars.

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      Every new-created ASBL must be registered : this is the first entry in the RCS.

      I must attach two documents with my application:

      • The requisition form (online)
      • The deed of incorporation

      (+ if my ASBL is of public utility, the grand-ducal decree recognising the public utility).

      Video : Register my ASBL

      For further information on the registration procedure, I consult the detailed « Guidelines Registration ASBL ».

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        I can make a:

        • Statutory modification (with full deed of amendment required which modify the articles of association, and in some cases with requisition form)
        • Non-statutory modification (with requisition form)
        • Agents’ modification (with requisition form)

        Several changes can be registered with the RCS by filing a single form (e.g. change of name AND registered office address).

        Video : Modifications about my ASBL

        For further information on the modification procedure, I consult the detailed « Guidelines Modification ASBL ».

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          I must attach :

          • The requisition form
          • an extract from the decision fixing the allocation of the assets following the closure of the liquidation of the ASBL (see the brochure «Deletion and liquidation of ASBL»).
          Annual accounts
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            I have to file every year the accounts of my ASBL to the RCS.

            The law sets size criteria for defining the accounting system: depending on whether my ASBL is small, medium-sized or large, the accounting documents to be submitted will be adapted.

            Video : Accounts of my ASBL

            For further information on the accounts’ filing procedure, I consult the detailed « Guidelines Accounts ASBL ».